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9 principles of Healthy Food

by Parul KalaParul Kala 28 Mar 2013 04:13

1. From refined grain to Whole grain.
2. From refined sugar to Whole (dates) and unrefined e.g. Jaggery, palm sugar, misri, etc.
3. From juices to Whole fruits and smoothies (on an empty stomach).
4. From extracted fats to Whole fats of nuts and seeds.
5. From peeled vegetables to peeled and Whole.
6. From frying and over-cooking to POACHING, BLANCHING, STEAMING, AND DRY ROASTING.
7. From everything cooked to 50% FRESH & RAW.
8. From pesticide and chemical food to ORGANIC.
9. From animal based to PLANT BASED

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Welcome to Saath, a group of empowered parents.

Parents of special needs children in India, have to face a large number of challenges in bringing up their children. While many of these challenges are no different from those faced by parents of typical children, others are completely different – in fact, so different that parents of typical children never even realise that such issues exist. At the same time, a family with a special needs child is also specially blessed. Some of these angels respond in completely unique ways to common stimuli, others have brought their families in touch with wonderful people whom they would not have met otherwise, still others have evoked in strangers a loving and sensitive response that they themselves had forgotten about. Such are the stories that emerged during a meeting of a small group of parents where sharing experiences turned into a cathartic exercise. From there was born a Parent Support Group called SAATH, started as an initiative of parents of special needs children, for themselves, and to be run by them on a voluntary basis.

This group of parents has been very fortunate to have found each other. They wanted to share their joy and spread the message to all other parents that raising a special needs child in India can be as joyous and blessed an experience as raising any other child. They came together to:

  • Organise workshops of therapists of International acclaim, for parents
  • Share the message of joy through the media (‘Parenting’ magazine is already commited to 2 pages every month for real life stories from our parents)
  • Share with the rest of the community of parents the resources that they have identified through weeks and months of hard work (where good orthotics appliances are available, or organic foods or creative books, or competent trustworthy therapists etc)
  • Create social interaction opportunities for their special children and siblings (through picnics and get- togethers)
  • Be an emotional support to each other during moments of stress
  • Together look for and create solutions for issues like assisted living for our special needs young adults, career opportunities beyond the traditionally accepted candle making and masala grinding, setting up trusts to look after their future, to name just a few.

This website is an opportunity for the community to get together.The site aims to provide a one point access to information on special needs children.
Members include parents, therapists, doctors, educators , siblings and well wishers.

These parents can be reached at the following e-mail address:

Saath Parents are a part of an e group which is exclusive to the parents alone. Any parent of a special needs child may join by sending their details - phone and e.mail, full name, name and age of child, a brief introduction about parent and child to Shalendra Gupta at the email id "moc.oohay|atpugkardnelahs#moc.oohay|atpugkardnelahs"